Temporary Tattoos – The Popular Designs

Temporary tattoos have been around for a long time. From the time they were popular as bubble gum inserts up to now, the popularity never waned. In fact, they have gotten more fashionable that making these tattoos is now a very dynamic industry.  GETIX.ID

There are now more designs to choose from. Some designs come and go, but there are a lot of popular designs that stayed. Along with the quality of these tattoos, the designs improved as well. Although there are old designs that are still very popular nowadays that survived the test of time. They are now competing with the newer designs in terms of popularity.

So if you’re interested in making temporary tattoos, here are some examples of the popular designs that you may want to check out:

1. Tribal temporary tattoos

Their popularity is an extension of the popularity of tribal permanent tattoos. The tribal designs are popular because they are mysterious but considered cool. They don’t really mean anything but they open up a lot of possibilities in terms of creativity.

2. Animals

Designs of animals are also popular because it offers versatility. It’s a known fact that some animals are a representation of human traits. A good example is a design of a lion. Making temporary tattoos of lions represents courage since lions are considered to be courageous being kings of the jungle. Another great example is the American Bald Eagle that usually shows patriotism.

3. Flowers

Flowers are usually reserved for women. While tribal temporary tattoos are most popular with men, flowers are usually the design of choice for women.

4. Skulls, Snakes, etc.

These are the designs of choice for those that want to show toughness. Some other examples are the grim reaper and sports.

5. Mythical creatures

Temporary tattoos of mythical creatures are very popular with kids and adults alike. Some examples are dragons, monsters and aliens. With movies showing a lot of mythical creatures, it’s easy to understand how these designs became popular.

6. Colorful designs

When making impermanent tattoos, it’s a good choice to make them as colorful as possible. This will make it more noticeable so that your design will stand out. You might be asking how tribal temporary tattoos can be popular if they are not colorful. They don’t have to rely on colors because they rely on their creativity. But with most designs, it’s better if it’s colorful.

Those are just some of the popular tattoo designs. So how can you use this information? You can take advantage of their popularity if you’re making them for your events. If you’re making them to raise team spirit, you can use designs that relates to the crowd. You can even use tribal designs if you just want a crowd that is pumped up. If you’re organizing an event for a fundraiser, you can make impermanent tattoos with designs that show support for the cause that you’re trying to raise funds for. You just have to know what you’re fighting for. Once you have that information, you can use ideas from the popular designs to make your own.

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