Speech and Language Therapy For Children

What is Speech and Language therapy (SLT)?

Many children grow out of speaking difficulties, but some children may need support to improve their skills. A Speech therapist provides children with support to develop and im prove their communication and language abilities. https://logopedie-kachynova.cz/

Who do SLT Therapists help?

Childrens abilities should be formally evaluated by an a NHS or private therapist and speech therapy or language therapy should be commenced as recommended and continued for as long as is required.

Speech and language therapists help children with a variety of difficulties, which include the following:

* Language delay
* speech problems
* having trouble understanding spoken or written words
* difficulty learning sounds, letters, syllables or words
* difficulty learning or using new vocabulary
* dyspraxia

What should parents expect?

A clinical assessment to investigate core language skills

Childrens resources includes a wide variety of language activities and Speech activities. Children will engage with a variety of activities such as sound or word repetitions, rhymes, tongue twisters, clapping and rhyming. Depending on the age of the child involved, playtime activities or assigned schoolwork may also be undertaken regularly in sessions.

Therapy can be carried out by parents, teacher and Speech and language therapy assistants. The therapist will provide the parent with Speech and Language Therapy resources. It is imperative that the people involved with child carryout the therapy given by the speech therapist, if the child is to maximise their learning potential.

Where do Speech and Language therapists work?

Speech therapists work in a wide range of setting including:

* schools
* clinics
* homes
* hospitals
* child development centres

SLT is a national Speech and Language Therapy Service for children which:

Strives to improve children’s language & communication skills. Link scientific research to practice. Train parents and professionals in how to identify and manage children’s language and communication needs.

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