Locating A Spare Tire Carrier

Every vehicle comes equipped with its own spare tire carrier. It is important to know where yours is located and how to remove the tire if necessary. If not, you might find yourself stranded until someone shows up who can help you get to it.  https://inspares.in/

When people go shopping for a vehicle, whether it is new or used, they will spend a good amount of time looking at the vehicles various options; however few think to inquire about the spare tire and where it is carried; or even how to remove it in the event that they should ever need it. Having access to this spare tire is very important because most people will have a flat tire or blowout during the time of owning their vehicle.

Many cars will have the spare located in the trunk. Oftentimes, it is underneath the carpet in this trunk area, but it can also be situated along the outer edges or outside walls, as well. Different car manufacturers choose different locations, so it can be helpful to ask either the dealer where your purchase your vehicle, or the person from whom you are buying it, where the spare tire carrier is located.

Typically an RV will have its spare mounted right on the back of the unit in clear view. These usually have a bolt that is center mounted and all you need to do is loosen it in order to remove the spare. The tire frequently protected with the use of a vinyl cover. Trucks also will typically have carriers that are easy to spot and are often located under the rear of the truck. They might be a little harder to actually get to because they usually require the person to have to crawl under the truck to reach them. After the spare tire has been removed, you will need to place the flat tire back into the carrier or you will have the carrier dangling and making noise or possibly hitting other things underneath the truck. In a worse case scenario, the tire carrier could get caught up on something as you’re driving and cause significant damage to your truck.

Spare tire carriers [http://sparetirecoveronline.com/spare-tire-carrier/] are also available in “after market” products which can be mounted on other parts of a vehicle. On a truck, they can easily be mounted to the front, or brush guard. They can be mounted on bumpers or other areas of the vehicle which can handle the weight of the tire and mounting device. When looking for a spare tire cover online

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