Needless to say, some people might wonder if you should even think about cutting back on your own tires. Most people do, of course, but only by trying to find sales or coupons or rebates. They don’t go too crazy about it. Actually , i know, because that’s mostly the way in which I used to think about it. Itfeels like a security feature, something you don’t need to be cheap with. But since I’m a bit of a tightwad, especially as my age increases, I’ve begun to search into it. Actually, it may well have been the last set of tires that caused it. Over six-hundred dollars for four pieces of rubber on a measly little Kia Rio. Every time I think about the receipt I can’t discover how I spent so much!

Now back when the wife and I rode motorcycles we regularly bought tires online. This saved us a little money, plus our club president worked for a garage and could mount them for us somewhere between cheap and free. Unfortunately that is a lot harder to do with car tires. By the time your chosen discount tire place does their mounting and balancing and lifetime replacement warranties you’ve lost all your savings and then some, plus the shipping costs. Wheels, yes. Tires, no, not so much.

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