Anyone who starts a new company does so full of optimism. The fact that a huge percentage of new businesses fail within the first few years does not slow down the number of people launching out. That’s a good thing because our economy was built on small business. So if you are just getting started with your new lawn care company, congratulations. If you are confident and optimistic, more power to you! But it is also good to know why some other lawn care companies failed so you can head off trouble before it sneaks up on you.

Probably the number one reason a new lawn care company fails is failure to control costs during start up. This is commonly a problem when the owner and founder gets a little carried away with the idea of being CEO and puts money into vanity expenses like offices or corporate vehicles or personal benefits. Be aware that you should not think of rewarding yourself for the success of your new venture until it really does become a success.

This can also be a problem if you secure a small business loan and you have a block of funding from investors or a bank to use to start the business. The value of a detailed business plan is that any start up funds you borrow are allocated to things that are critical to the start of the business with nothing allocated for unnecessary spending. It might be that you don’t even set up offices in the first year of your operation. The heart of your lawn care business takes place out there on the streets and in the lawns and gardens of your customers. All of your initial expenses should go toward equipment, necessary workers to support real business that you already have and promotion to gain new business.

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