It has a referral program which the customers can benefit from. The existing clients can refer the company to their friends and for that they can get $50 credit on their accounts. It believes in simplifying the portable moving and storage for the benefit of the customers. The FlexBox has become a hot favorite with its clients. It is made of pressure-treated plywood, a substance that is highly durable. It enables free airflow and prevents inside moisture and damp formation. If one keeps his belongings in it he can be assured that his assets will not be affected by mold or mildew.

Loading and unloading the FlexBox is quite easy. One need not spend a lot of time for that. No matter how big furniture a person can have, the box can house them all. There are various sized units for the needs of clients. The Flexbox units are loaded with latest fire and smoke alarm systems. The FlexBox warehouses are built as climate controlled. There are security cameras and fingerprint recognition for assuring maximum security of the deposits. For more information on the company one can log in the site goflexbox.

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