Lack of attention to customer relations and customer service is also the downfall of too many fine lawn care companies. When you start your business, getting and sustaining a cash flow is absolutely critical. So once you establish a base of a few solid, repeat customers, take care of them like royalty. Talk to them all the time so you know if they are happy with your work. Try to find new ways to be of value to the customers you currently have. Don’t be afraid to perform a service for free for a reliable customer to lay the groundwork for that service to become part of your contracted work with that customer. Your attention to customer service will assure you keep the business you have. And it will

Finally, attention to the details of running a business that are not directly related to lawn care can create monumental problems for a new lawn care company. Accounting, knowledge of legal and tax issues and paying attention to the nitty gritty that every business has to take care of can take your business down just as quickly as poor quality of work for your customers. The last thing you want is to suddenly realize that you have not been paying your bills or that you are in trouble with the government because you did not take care of filing proper approvals, paying your taxes or other matters of business organization.

Take the time to understand every aspect of how to run a business. It might mean you hire an “office manager” to make sure all of those business details are attended to. In that way, you can focus on the thing you are the best at which is building the business and doing a great job for your lawn carte customers. If you do that and avoid the common pitfalls that take down so many new law care companies, you are in for many years or prosperity and success.

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