Coffee and drinks vending machines have long been a regular sighting in offices, institutions, hospitals andndash; pretty much anywhere that is visited by lots of people on a regular basis. As vending technology progresses, businesses grow, and competition gets fiercer in the industry, the range and type of machines are becoming more diverse and those considering furnishing their office with a new vending machine are faced with fair amount of decision making. The development of vending machines, however, has not only meant that there is more choice between machines, but it can now be up to the buyer to decide exactly what the machine offers.

Subsequently, this involves at least some sort of analysis of your employees or the typical visitors that visit your establishment, the location of your buildings in relation to others, and even the climate of your area as it changes with the seasons. Your supplier will no doubt offer to assist you with these decisions, but it is a good idea to establish exactly what you need from your vending machine as early on as possible.

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