Saying goodbye to an attachment…andnbsp; I never thought that I would have a job in customer service. When I left college the idea that in five years time I would be sitting in a glass fronted office behind my own desk was a natural prediction. The last thing I thought I would be doing is serving students coffee from behind a glass fronted counter instead. Five years later my andlsquo;deskandrsquo; is cluttered with selections of muffins and baguettes and I have but one chewed pencil.

In the most depressing moments I console myself with the fact that I must be helping the future of the country by providing students with food and drink. No one can come up with genius thoughts on an empty stomach can they? Of course if it wasnandrsquo;t me pacing behind the counter of overpriced sandwiches and fair trade coffee it would be someone else. You can easily be replaced in this line of work.

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