How do I change Wi-Fi’s password using an Android phone?

If you want to trade WiFi password from Android cell then irs very easy. (Only for router WiFi community that you are presently linked)

Step 1 : First login to the Routers Access web page by traveling IP Address of router, You can discover the ip address of router from the lower back facet of router or you can additionally test on google through typing the Router Manufacture Name.

Most not unusual IP deal with are (192.168.01,

Step 2 : Now enter Admin as username and Password as (Admin or 12345678 or just hit en…

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Berry Daniels
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Answered 1 yr ago
Yes, you may change or update your Wi-Fi’s password the usage of your Android Phone additionally.

Using your Android cellphone, you could trade the wi-fi settings of your router and log in to its classic internet-based setup web page, permitting you to trade its wireless network call (SSID) and community key or password.

Let’s check out in element:-

[Source Reference] How to Change/Update Wi-Fi’s Password using Smartphone

Step 1: On your Android™ smartphone, open a browser.

Step 2:Enter the IP address of your router inside the Address bar and tap Go.

NOTE: The default IP address of Wi-Fi Router is

Step 3: Enter your

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Originally Answered: How do I exchange the Wi-Fi password for an Android?
In the notification drop down, look for a tools icon and tap it. That will take you into settings.

In settings, one of the first alternatives is Network & Internet. In there, you’ll discover Wifi. Tap it to turn the WiFi on (if it isn’t already).

If the WiFi to your phone is on, it have to show you all of the one of a kind WiFi networks you may connect to – in fact, you may already be connected to a network. Click at the community name and inside the next menu, click forget.

This will let you try to connect with that WiFi network again, in an effort to provide you with an opportunity to type in a brand new password.

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Varinder Rajoria
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As you do on you pc.

Go on your browser and then at the management IP believing its still for your community after which login with details. Go under Wireless choice alternate it against the SSid name.

Apply and its executed.

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Medico Tech
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Originally Answered: How are we able to exchange a WiFi router password from Android?
Go in ti browser and open routers ip deal with,, it is depend upon your router that what deal with follows then enter consumer call and password then visit WiFi placing and alternate password.

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The technique is sane within the telephone and computer. Just visit chrome browser out of your phone enter the ip cope with. Enter the username password for router login and trade the password inside the settings.

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It is identical as doint it on a computer.

Open a browser in your cellphone
Type the routers address inside the cope with bar
Login the use of the routers credentials
Go to wifi settings and change the password
Click on follow and reboot the router
Now your smartphone might be disconnected from the wifi now connect with the wifi the use of the new password.
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Sagar Bhimani
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Originally Answered: How do I alternate the Wi-Fi password for an Android?
First, you need to realize the IP Address of the Router ex., 192 168.1.1, or are the most not unusual. Second, you want to have the Login, Password for the Router if it came from the manufacturer appearance within the Owner’s manual or Google the defaults settings, if it out of your Internet Provider then test the again for the defaults. Next login with password and locate the Wifi Settings and trade the present password. All that is very easy but may be a mission if now not familiar with Router adjustments however there may be hope …… Google …. There is a actual proper risk your specific Router

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First of all,connect with your router’s Wifi community.

Open the browser and sort the IP cope with of your Wifi Router at the URL box. You can find the IP cope with in your router may be gener

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