How Call Center Services Help Boost Holiday Sales of Small Businesses

Call center services usually cover the market support aspects of a business, but budding entrepreneurs now use voice services not just to provide customer service but also to boost their sales, particularly during the holidays when sales go through sudden climbs and declines.

The holiday season is a crucial time for businesses because the profit they make in the last three months of the year will make up for the slow profit arrival in the first few months of the coming year. The last quarter is usually when sales reach their peak due to the purchasing influences of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. By January, consumers start to tighten their budgets and hold off buying activities until summer.

This behavior can give a blow to startups that are yet to develop solid backup funds that will help them survive during slow seasons. For this reason, small and medium businesses must intensify their income-generating schemes during the holidays, and hold on to the generated profit until customers start sending income steadily again.

Planning for the holidays should be a year-long effort; starting just as the season enters might be too late. Months before Halloween and Thanksgiving, establish your brand to your market to ensure that loyal customers will support your business when you compete against other brands in massive bargain events. As the holidays draw near, pulse your market to be able to define their wants and deliver those at the perfect time. Then, when sales start slowing down, maintain the incoming cash flow by collecting debts and encouraging customers to continue making purchases.

Understandably, these strategies can be overwhelming for growing businesses with limited resources and expertise. In fact, these same companies seek outside support and try to be practical by outsourcing minor tasks to places where skills are widely available and wages are more affordable. And since their limited budget drives them to maximize their resources, these entrepreneurs wise up by injecting holiday sales strategies to the call center services they outsource. This way, they are able to build customer loyalty, survey their market, and draw in profits.

Build customer loyalty

You will not be the only one to take marketing strategies to the next level in preparation for Black Friday, Christmas, and year-end sales. Like you, your competitors, big and small, will of course heighten promotional measures to lure the most buyers. This is when a loyal consumer base can give you the upper hand.

If you build a strong relationship with your customers early on, you develop a trust that can influence their next purchasing decisions. Reports say that a satisfying customer experience is a main factor that makes consumers stay loyal to a brand, so your customer service representatives should do things that are beyond what is expected of them to retain customers.

One of the ways is to offer exclusive deals. Limited and special items can pique people’s interest, and when they know that only you can offer a certain product, they can end up availing the item just for its exclusiveness.

Giving rewards for choosing your services or making referrals and reminding customers of freebies they need to claim or subscriptions they might want to renew are also ways to entice people to keep coming back to your brand. These small actions show that your company appreciates your customers’ support and values every transaction they make with you.

These transactions, no matter how minor, can map customer loyalty and determine the behavior of future transactions. A study on this subject shows that the variety of products customers purchased indicates their level of loyalty. Inbound call center services can keep track of these transactions, and you can base on the data you gathered to strategize future marketing and customer retention schemes.

Survey your market

Being updated with current industry and market trends is a must because by familiarizing yourself with the changing behaviors, you can adapt to and even steer the changes. Established and well-funded corporations usually find out the pulse of their market by conducting surveys and researches, which can be costly and time-consuming. For businesses with a smaller scope, surveys can be done as an additional function of call centers.

In connection with your call center representatives’ data-gathering and customer-retaining capacities, the same records from inbound and outbound calls can tell you what your customers will likely purchase for their Christmas shopping. Inquiries made as early as September or October should be noted because these are usually advanced canvassing activities that shoppers do to estimate their spending and weigh their choices.

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